Saturday, 12 January 2008

The door closes with a snick.

My back is pushed up against the wall, his mouth slants over mine and takes over. His kiss is deep and plundering. He crowds me.

I feel his heat, his sweat drenching my blouse. I don’t care and I tangle my hands in his shaggy blond hair and hold on to him.

He lessens the kiss till finally he moves from my lips, I moan in rejection! Only to sigh as his teeth graze my ear, then down my neck. His beard and moustache are tickling me. My hands are roaming the part of his back that I can reach, the muscles flex. God he’s ripped.

I feel his hands on my ass; he’s squeezing and rubbing in circles, driving me to total distraction.

His talented mouth works its way under my chin, his tongue licking, he moves to the other side of my neck. As he pulls me into his erection he latches his mouth firmly onto my neck and sucks. A hickie at my age! My thoughts fly as he grinds himself into me. I feel my juices flowing, I’ve not been like this before, and I feel scared and excited. I should stop him, but I can’t.

His hands have been busy, he’s pulled the back of my skirt up and his hands are now on bare flesh.

He chuckles, ‘Why darlin I’d have never thought of you as a ‘thong’ type of woman. Guess you’ve given me another surprise.’

I look into smiling green eyes, and melt even more. He kisses me again.

My hands are trapped between our chests. My fingers flex into his pecs, lord they’re firm. I flick his nipples; he groans and grinds himself further into me. He moves down to my neck again, kissing and nipping.

Someone laughs as they pass the door, and I stiffen! What the hell am I doing? I start to voice my thoughts, and stutter into silence as one of his talented hands move from off my ass and forward, moving over my silk covered mound, my hips move forward of their own accord, seeking his hand and release.

I feel his smile on my neck, ‘Well sugar, looks like someone’s well and truly ready for me!’ His agile fingers slip under the scrap of silk, they brush lightly over my entrance, and my hips jerk, wanting, needing more. He slips a finger into me. His mouth catches the scream that rips from my throat. His torso presses to mine, keeping me from sliding down the wall. He pulls back and pushes two into me, I feel myself clench around them, the orgasm smashing over me. My hands are digging into his shoulders, half moons from my nails leaving their marks.

He lets me come down, he’s smiling at me. Pulling his fingers from me he lifts his hand to his face, he sniffs them, and then pops them into his mouth sucking on them like a lollipop. My face turns red. ‘Darlin you smell and taste great, but times moving on. I’ll taste you fully later, for now, I think I need to be in you, soon!’

He kisses me, and I feel him undo my wet blouse, and pop the front opening of my bra, my breast falling into his rough hands. I nearly come again. He sure knows what he’s doing!

His mouth quickly drops and gives the quickest mouthing my breasts have ever had, his beard feeling over rough on them.

He turns me and makes me put my hands on the table in front of me; I feel his shorts drop to the floor behind me. I hear a packet being ripped open. I swallow hard, and time for running has long gone. ‘Open your eyes Dee.’ He breathes into my ear.

I do, and realise it’s the dressing table and I’m looking at myself in the mirror. I see myself, hair mussed, lips swollen and puffy, shirt and bra undone, my breast bare and swaying. The slumberous look in my eyes shocks me, I look wanton. I stare at the man positioned behind me, his erection slipping back and forth between my legs, as he slowly thrusts back and forth, never entering me just teasing. His shaggy blonde hair is still wet from his sweat. It falls over his eyes a little, but I can see them and they bore into me, they’ve turn the deepest shade of emerald now with his passion.

Our eyes are locked, intense. Then he grins, it is the most brilliant smile I’ve ever come across, well except his band mate that is. But this grin is hot, sexy and says he’s going to make me cum again and again.

Taking hold of my thong he rips it off me. I’m shocked and turned on too. He grips my hips; his hand positions him at my entrance. He moves in a fraction, takes his hand out of the way and uses both his hands to grip my hips. ‘Remember, if you scream that door will burst open, and I for one don’t like people watching. Ok?’

I nod and he tightens his grip and in one sure thrust impales me. I nearly break the table edge with the death grip I have on it so I don’t scream.

He stays himself, buried deep as anyone has in me. I’m moaning, trying to stay quite. I look into the mirror, his eyes are nearly closed, and the sweat is again glistening on his chest. The muscles in his arms straining under the pressure he’s exerting on himself not to cum. His chest is heaving, his ripped stomach tightening and becoming more prominent.

‘More.’ I whimper.

This is like a green light. He draws back, when he’s nearly all the way out he asks me, ‘You’re sure?’


With that he slams back into me, his hips pistoning back and forth. I see him in the mirror, we both watch each other. He leans forwards and runs his tongue my ear. It turns me on even more. He takes one of my breasts in his hand and plays with it, gently twisting it, caressing it.

‘Harder, please Ty harder!’ I’m nearly sobbing with the tension in me building, and knowing I can’t scream with the frustration I’m feeling.

He pushes my legs a little further apart, and tilts my ass a bit and drives himself deeper. I’m biting my lip, my breast bouncing furiously.

‘Cum with me Dee!’ He whispers to me, I fly over the edge, him not a second behind me. I choke back the scream as I’m continuously flung in different ways my orgasm continuing. He’s riding me to the end.

Panting we land back to earth with a crash as someone bangs on the door, ‘Come on you ass we’ve gotta go!’

He pulls himself from me gently, turning me and kissing me deeply. ‘If this is what I can expect before our encore, I might just ask for longer.’ He grins at me, rips the condom off and puts it into a tissue and throws it into the bin. Grabbing a towel he throws it about his neck, yanks his shorts back up and swaggers back to me, kisses me again and heads for the door.

Turning back to me, ‘We’ll continue this later Dee; this ain’t a one time thing honey.’ He blows me a kiss and opens the door, slipping passed it so no one sees me.

‘Well fuck man thought you were gonna cool down!’ Dave grins at his drummer who catches him up as he heads for the stage. Ty looks like the cat who just fucked the canary. A light goes on, ‘Holy fuck you nailed Sandy! Didn’t ya? You bag that hot prim English older woman, you dog! How the fuck you manage that?’ The famous Grohl grin spreads across his face. He also notices the nail indents and scratch marks on Ty’s back. The grin widens.

‘Shut the fuck up Dave, she’s a wonderful woman!’ Ty glares at his brother.

‘Oh …. Jeeeeesus! You really LIKE her don’tcha? You’ve been sniffing around her since we got here!’ Dave realised Ty had gone bright red. She meant something to him. Damn that was fast. Mind you, Dave thought, if I weren’t married I’d have tried too, she was one cool woman, and no one could slip anything past her. She might even have the stones to keep Ty on the straight and narrow. He grinned to himself again.

Ty didn’t say anything else, just walked up and onto the stage, sat at his drums, grabbed his sticks and glared at Dave. Yeah he really liked Sandy or Dee as he called her. He wanted to see if things could go further. Dave grinned at him again, so he flipped him off and started the intro for Break Out! He thought about Dee and worked him into one hell of a sweat!

I’m still stood there, my blouse and bra hanging off, skirt up about my waist. Sweat glistening on me, mine and his. I look at my watch and I’m shocked to realise that from when he grabbed me on the way passed his dressing room, to now, has only been ten minutes. Everything seemed to have been in slow motion, but it was hot and fast and I LIKED it!

My little devil wonders how the hell I’m going to feel after a night with him, if he wants to.

I shouldn’t have given in! He thinks I’m easy now. Damn it I tell my other voice to shut the fuck up I loved what’s just happened.

It’s not like I can ignore him for the next couple of weeks, I run the damn venue they’re playing in. I smile and straighten myself. He might be younger than me by nearly ten years, but I think I can cope. Smiling to myself I open the door and wander off to check how things are going.